Together for Humanity. Reducing Inequality

Cashpop is humanity-first technology company to build Sustainable Basic Income Platform with goal to reduce inequality by providing Digital Dividend

What Is a Sustainable Basic Income Platform?

A digital ecosystem build on the principle of mutualism and fairness.

Cashpop provides the technology, business provides the funding, and people make the earning by providing the values desired by business.

Everyone is actively involved in the mutual value creation in the ecosystem.

What is Digital Dividend?

Digital Dividend is Coin (in-App Currency) that is earned when people give their time, attention, engagement, transaction, and data generated for the party of interest (Business)

Coin earned can be used to redeem Cash, Digital money, airtime, internet data, groceries & shopping voucher, electricity token, game & services voucher, to improve people's quality of life.

"The rich are getting richer, the ordinary are getting poorer, the poor are vanishing."

The fact that income disparity has never reached this wide in the history of humankind motivates us to move everyone to partake to make a change.

We will keep contributing to lessen that lack in every activity of Cashpop.

Cashpop reinvents digital experience for all digital citizen, turning screentime into earnings. We are more than a technology company that make App, we are changing society.


The first Sustainable Basic Income platform providing Digital Dividend you can convert into anything you need.




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